One of the ways we can assist you, is by using TeamViewer. This program enables us to access your desktop and remotely work directly on your system. Using this technology can save a lot of time and therefore money. And above all, it is absolutely safe.

If you want to grant us access to your computer, you need to start your version of TeamViewer QuickSupport and supply us with the password it generates.

While we log on to your system you can follow our every move on screen. Once you close your TeamViewer we will not be able to connect to your computer anymore until you start Teamviewer again.

TeamViewer QuickSupport is a program that you can download and run directly on your computer, without first installing it.

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We have studied and used TeamViewer and find it safe to use, apart from being convenient. Should you like to read more about TeamViewer and how it works, please visit their website:

Download TeamViewer QuickSupport